You have voted for hope


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Ahmed Zaidan

You voted for hope of staying in the civilized world!

In pro refugee countries, where the immigrants have become fundamental components in the social fabric, you can feel safe while you wander at night wherever you like. Credibility is high. Once, I forgot my laptop at the café, and returned after an hour to pick up it again. Not because immigrants but because the strong system adopted by these countries and social justice.”

While the countries where governments call refugees are invaders to Europe , actually their communities have fled their system for better life in pro refugees countries. The fragile countries haven’t succeeded in establishing equal job opportunities for eliminate poverty and unemployment.

In that countries, despite of their national wealth that could have ranked them on top of the list, if they had adopted the same economic, social and security policy as it is in the pro refugee states. The clue it’s not with being pro or anti refugees as it is in preserving the norms and regulations of human rights, which can be counted the fertile ground for prosperity. Any violation in the principles that what the civilized world was founded on, it means a step towards what we have been combating for many decades. It is as if you want to pass the exam and you ought to answer the questions, even if you don’t like what you are doing. This fact has been realized by wise nations and the significant law makers.

The values that the modern world stands for, are what have given our civilized world its security. You are safe in our civilized world and thanks to the right bath that we had started to walk after all wars, go and ask your grandparents if they were at the same kind of luxury and security on all levels. Our civilized world does not discriminate you because of where you come from or your own belief. Ask your grandparents if they were able to take up the train, travel everywhere, and again, Just when you start to be a nasionalist, I tell you are approving on very dangerous document, it is exactly the same that many nations before were deceived and accepted to sign, but the result was disastrous.

Accepting to follow natsionalism it is exactly as if we are passing the agenda of other beneficiaries, who are sitting in safe spas and they push people by the name of patriotism to hatred which is the start of of the bloodshed. What makes the human better than the other human, only the deed. Yes, too direct and boring words to be said now, but let’s just dive into the reality.

In Syria people are being killed because of a dictator regime believes that the power shouldn’t be taken from him. However, the tyrant regims are the result of the prevailed trend and ideology in every society. People might not be allowed to vote as in here, but they rather were in wait of change to come with the breeze from overseas. People looked forward to the change without preparing the tools in there and They didn’t open the doors to the wind of change. It is as if you decide to drive your car without a direction nor a map, thereafter, you decided to change the destination. Therefore any change should walk hand by hand with the human rights values and the civilized world approach that are considered the abstract of long term of human struggle towards what we are on today.

In Iraq, nationalism has been pushing the people to fight a neighboring country such as Iran, for eight years. Then, Saddam was toppled, and another era has started when the man had to divorce his wife because she belongs to another sect. The Iraqi parliament became not more than a place crammed with the representatives of the portions of being broken homeland. People tend to vote for the one who promises to rescue up his own sect while the country is heading to bottom.

Iraq is a country that is controlled totally by what so called militas. Each party has it is own militant group. And people have to obey the rules. In Iraq, people and politicians won’t understand that chanting in favor of nationalism it is not what the modern world has dedicated for. In Iraqi media, which is filled by free calls for rooting up this kind of culture. Therefore, Iraq became a closed country. It is like a jail, where imprisoned had been promised by candidates in each election that Iraq will be European states like, but the nationalists never were right throughout the history.

Furthermore, people have decided to shorten up the journey and come to live in Europe. But which Europe! Europe which is not that one who believes in blood and soil theory. It is not that one that eats itself by the name of religion and race. It is not that one of holocaust that turned the European cities to ash. It is Europe of the 21st century. It is Europe that still grasps the lesson from the past in the left hand and while in the right hand it holds a long list of human rights resolutions, standing on the remant of Berlin wall, filled with millions of the lost soldiers mourned faces.



From the edge of hell, these families shout

The forgotten deplacement zone in Syria for people from Ninawa province, where city of Mosul is.

The forgotten deplacement zone in Syria for people from Ninawa province, where city of Mosul is.


From the edge of hell, these families shout
It is an absent place from the agenda of politicians. It is not on the map of humanitarian organizations that operate in the stricken zones. There in Hassaka, the Syrian city close to the Iraqi western border. There has been camp called Rouge, still the refuge for over 300 human who live in the wild. They face the extreme weather conditions by simple means of live, from the tents to the grounded shelters.

Humanitarian organizations don’t have an access to this area. But they barely have been surviving, Thanks to the aids transported by PKK force that also protect them. While medication is still far fetched.

The story of Rouge camp started when ISIS took over the province of Ninawa northern west Iraq 2014. Many Families of Arab origin have fled, with glimmer of hope to return through Kurdistan region. Unfortunately, It wasn’t so easy to enter the Kurdish region northern Iraq, so they stayed stuck in Syria.

The source

Mosulyoon agency




Civilians in Mosul are the fuel of the ongoing battle



Mosul Jadiida atrocity

Mosul Jadiida atrocity

Iraqi federal police has published recently a film shows how they target the old town by mortar shells.
It’s important to highlight that Mosul old town is chocked with old fragile houses which are crammed with civilians. ISIS fighters are not based in one place, they prefer the mobility course in fighting rather than being stuck to location. Here, we call to international community to make any pressure in bid of rescuing the civilians that seemed to be victims for both ISIS and arbitrary bombing by what supposed to be a recognized power by international community.

Residents from Mosul have repeatedly confirmed that ISIS fighters in every neighborhood are numbered. But what bogs the battle is that ISIS fights among the inhabitants. The coherent combat of Iraqi special forces or terrorism encounter, have exceeded the trick of ISIS that aims to putting Iraqi forces in a dilemma of murdering more civilians in eastern Mosul. The battle in eastern Mosul was clean, as the fight had been going on accurately.

screenshot from the film, published my Iraqi federal police while they bomb the old town by mortar shells at Mosul airport

Screenshot from the film, published my Iraqi federal police while they bomb the old town by mortar shells at Mosul airport

In western Mosul, last week, carnage was confirmed to be happen due to the international coalition airstrikes in Mosul Jadiida neighborhood. 500 civilians had been buried alive in the rubble. Witnesses said that ISIS had gathered the people in big houses for using them as a human shield. Snipers were on the roofs of the houses. The houses were all bombed regardless to the civilians, left an atrocity which has been described as horrible and relentless. Many international media highlighted the disastrous airstrikes, accused the internatinal coalition of committing a massive massacre in western Mosul, while coalition quickly denied the charge, that airstrikes have been carried out depending on an Iraqi request. Meanwhile, Iraqi government didn’t respond to immediately. Later, Iraqi prime minister has denied the charges as well, said that there are many entities tend to deform the victories made by Iraqis. Those anti Iraqi parties, didn’t say a word when ISIS had been slaughtering civilians throughout the two past years, he added.

Many critics have written that Iraqi prime minister compares between the legal troops and criminal gangs like ISIS. In Matahin neighborhood, house was also fallen down on the locals. The report still unverified whether it was bombed by an airstrike or by ISIS suicide attack. A survivor woman whom she a mother for 6 children broke her silence, said that we were many families crammed in the house. We were separated into two rooms. The front room was for men, while we where in the backward room. The house was collapsed over us. I saw my husband and other 5 children dead. For two days, we were shouting that somebody may help me with me other child. Other women did so. Then, relatives arrived and evacuated us. And also they managed to pick up the corpses of my 5 children and husband. It was horrible, she said.

While the battle is broken, for retaking Mosul from ISIS, the more atrocities said to be committed by ISIS against civilians. Many families were reportedly excused by ISIS on western bank of Tigris, nearby the fifth bridge, while they were striving a way to flee towards Iraqi forces.

Separately, ISIS launched a rockets that inflicted a major damage to Al Nabi bazaar in eastern Mosul, victims said to be fallen in this attack according to Jamal Al Badrani, the Iraqi journalist from Mosul. Eastern Mosul that was previously liberated is recovering gradually, but there is a concern from ongoing murdering that targets the civilians from time to time. Mosuli activists have published on social media that is Mosul heading to the same point of pre ISIS!

The battle on sight of the old town





One of the most significant landmarks for isis, this building is. What people in Mosul know as a commercial bank, but for isis it was so high in the center so that isis  involved it in their terrifying death ways.. From that building, many victims were thrown outrageously to death, on sight of the crowds. What had been claimed that people whom were undergone the death penalty of throwing from a high building, are those who have homosexual trend. Many locals assured that the victims weren’t gays as isis had been claiming.

Federal police have managed to control Dwaasa street that leads to the most important zone in the town. At the avenue there is the central square, known as the provincial compound. Recapture of this spot, could be interpreted as first step to the old town. Americans have commended the way in which Iraqi forces have fought the fierce enemy.

The courthouse in Mosul has been liberated, the place that isis had used to sue people and sentence them with the obscene penalties, such as beheading and hand amputation, now that savage era is ultimately over. Mosul cultural museum, also wasn’t so far from a morning with no isis. It has finally been liberated from those that ruined its precious artifacts post June 2014. While Sama Al Mosul TV compound nearby Al Hurrya bridge and Mosul municipality has followed in liberation. By recapturing Al Hurrya bridge, Iraqi forces will be controlling two bridges from five spanning the river that splits the liberated eastern Mosul from western Mosul.


Meanwhile, US led coalition airborne operations have successfully targeted many isis sites in the town. The challenge that many families that had previously forced to displace their homes, now are all crammed in schools and relatives houses at the old town. In Al Sejan neighborhood, reports say that there is inhabited house which was bombed, locals confirmed that they could hear the children who cry beneath the rubble. While, in Mosul Al Jadiida neighborhood, locals assured that ISIS still launch shells on the residential areas, a death case was recorded, and three were gravely wounded. The train of grief, wouldn’t stop western bank Tigris river, in the liberated eastern Mosul, a family was targeted by drones that isis frequently launches.

The famine in territories still controlled by ISIS has been inflating, as the time runs. Locals talk about death from starvation. Many social media activists sent reports to  Iraqi government in bid of finding a way to rescue the civilians, in time the battle is hardly creeping to their neighborhoods.

The tragic scene in Mosul, again and fleeing the death to death


A man from Wadi Hajar neighborhood flee with his daughter after his four member family were killed because of ISIS bomb cars that blew off

A man from Wadi Hajar neighborhood flees with his daughter after his four members family were killed because of ISIS bomb cars that blew off


When the white flag becomes red
There is an enemy with no morals
It’s no no doubt, Isis

This photo emerges family members have been killed by isis sniper while they were heading towards the security forces.

Isis fighters target every family tends to get rid of the yokes. It is not the first incident, there have been many that haven’t been told yet. Last week, likewise happened to a family in Wadi Hajar neighborhood, they were shot by isis sniper. The family of 6 members were all killed immediately. Reports from the neighborhood say that the family of Abu Qaythar was killed after liberation of Wadi Hajar neighborhood. They were on the start of their long journey towards the nowhere. Just to be as far as possible from the dangerous zone. The rejoice of the liberation hasn’t lasted except the several hours which were murdered by isis.

Also, in the same neighborhood, many disasters and atrocities said to be taken place. Houses fell down on its residents, because of the bombing and the suicide attacks. Isis has driven people out from their houses in bid of using them as human shields in any forthcoming battle to the depth Mosul. On other hand, many families preferred to stay hidden at homes. Despite the imminent death that they may face in case isis finds out that they disobeyed the order. One week, it was enough to turn Wadi Hajar neighborhood to rubble and scraps. Wadi Hajar in Arabic refers to the valley of stones.
Activists on social media lunched a post says that ISIS made it, a real valley of stones.

A family was shot died by ISIS fighter while they were fleeing towards the security forces with a white banner

A family was shot died by ISIS fighter while they were fleeing towards the security forces with a white banner

Since the military combat has started, the number of displaced people overwhelmed 60,000. In a time where there isn’t any serious initiative from Iraqi government to comprehend the ongoing humanitarian crisis. Witnesses have confirmed that they had to walk 10 kilometers, before their arriving the closest cars garage, southern Mosul.

People flee famine and fears to no a specific direction, or it might be another famine. Poor medical support is being carried on, and media shortages and lack of coverage the amount of the tragic scene.

The battle is very tough and the dense population makes it even tougher.

Locals of Wadi Hajar and other neighborhoods have been displaced and taken as captives to central Mosul.
There isn’t any obvious source of accurate information.

Reports said that isis has intended to use chemical weapons against Iraqi forces in a bomb cars charged with the toxic gas. This can trigger a horrible tragic scene, in midst of the inhibited districts.

What seemed to be a surprise became very expected as the western Mosul battle that started with a smooth advancing, now it’s confined on edge of western Mosul neighborhoods.

To what extent the story of isis use of chemical weapons is true

Locals from Eastern Mosul have confirmed that their relatives have had injuries by what seems to be a chemical weapon. In Al Maliiha neighborhood, isis launched an shells of fatal gas. Doctors from Mosul hospitals assured that they have received suffocation cases. Humanitarian organizations also started to investigate if the claim was true.


Fight on the quick rhythm, easier than it was expected


Iraqi forces, nearby the airport of Mosul.

Iraqi forces, nearby the airport of Mosul.


On sight of Mosul airport, it’s only 3 km away, Iraqi forces stand from the city center. Here in Western Mosul that looks forward to a new morning and to the era of no terror.

One day passed, and people in Mosul that plagued with hunger and fear, have woken up on rejoicing news. Electricity was cut, but relatives and friends accelerated to throw the missionary of battle kicking off.

It was completely incredible happiness, despite the famine and everyday killings. The eyes of locals were staring each other with sparkling gazes. No word is allowed to say, outside but smiles are enough.

ISIS fighters are continuing the escalation against innocents, arrest them on charges being linked to collaborating with liberator troops. Dozens were reportedly killed, within a week.

ISIS has informed locals through Friday sermons that people in eastern part must leave the town, otherwise they will be a legitimated target for the Islamic state attacks. And in case you welcome the infields, you will also be a target, ISIS said

Meanwhile, a family in the old town was found dead because of ISIS mortar shells on the residential areas, as a bid to provoke people and putting them before the choice of no war. Also the coalition airstrikes have managed to kill many ISIS leaders and families. But still there have not easy to avoid casualties in a very dense city.


The End

ISIS has finally believed that this time it is the ultimate round. From inside Mosul, people talk about ISIS fighters who fare-welled their families with tears while they were heading to the battle. ISIS fighter in central Mosul it is said that he knocked the neighbor’s door for informing them that “my family is a deposit whatever happens to me” ISIS wives lamented that their husbands wouldn’t be able to return from this battle. ISIS families who fled eastern Mosul, took the crammed residential neighborhoods in western Mosul as last stronghold, before the crucial combat.
Another reports from southern neighborhoods in western Mosul say, a dispute among ISIS fighters said to be taken place for setting up a rocket launcher in a very crowded street.

Meanwhile, ISIS continues digging the walls, from house to house, in a despairing attempt that may facilitate the mobility of ISIS fighters, in midst the battle. Iraqi forces have managed to retake Mosul airport on southern part and Quzlani barracks. The flow of the battle is very quick so that two neighborhoods have been totally liberated within only two days.

The crucial battle has just started


Iraqi prime minister declared on today the start of the military operation to recapture the west bank of central Mosul from the grip of ISIS. After four hours of combat, news come from there that ISIS is surprisingly collapsing while the troops are carrying on advances from the western south towards the center.
last month, Iraqi prime minister assured the east part of Mosul has been totally cleansed from ISIS elements, and there will be another rejoice with driving ISIS out from whole Mosul.
Why this battle is crucial
The west part of Mosul is the historical city, and the vital areas. It is the city center and the place where ISIS Kalifaat chose to appear from the first time, and declare the so called Islamic state from there. It is also the last stronghold of ISIS in Iraq, and the capital of ISIS. It is a home for more than 750,000 inhabitants most of them are from the working class. Locals from there, have assured that ISIS squeezes on people and tighten the rules, day by day more victims are being thrown on the streets. Only the battle could prevent the frenzied ISIS elements from confiscating the stored food from the locals and punish them for silly things.
The famine there
With the siege being imposed by the Iraqi forces on Mosul since months and targeting the vehicles on the outer highways, the transporting of goods from Syria became so difficult. People in the western part of Mosul are passing through serious crisis of lacking of food and fuel, that reports refer that many locals started to search for food in rubbish. While others have stored the grains, beforehand.
Also, there are many death cases have been recorded because of the hunger and the bad nourishing. in this very moment, people in there have sent many messages to international community as a bid to accelerate rescuing them before the death hits them once.

Mosul is not a stricken city



Two parts, one is totally devastated, while the other is on the edge of a likely famine. It is no doubt the city of Mosul. The war has been ended in the east part of the city, but it’s still casting the shadow of the death, everywhere. The odor from the ISIS corpses that are tossed here and there, can tell you more, about what the city is like, after war. A shallow governmental assistance, it is what has been allocated to revive the city, except some humanitarian efforts by organizations that can not fulfill the tremendous need. Overall, Mosul is still not a stricken city, in the eyes of  Iraqi government!

I would say it is not a stricken because, it is no longer a place for living. The city has lost its bridges, fundamental establishments and cultural aspects. What left, it is not more than a wreckage, and the burnt libraries. Electricity doesn’t operate all the time, while people stand in queues for hours, in bid to get some water. I wouldn’t mention the ills who die everyday because of the shortage of medical support. Thereafter, people still talk with sparking eyes, as they are still alive. They don’t realize anymore the serious danger that has engulfed the town, before and after the battle. The loaf of life would be fine, that one bite of it, fills mouth and silences those who had been complained in the past, demanded the human rights and freedom of speech. It turns them, thinking about the bread of tomorrow, not more. It might be funny, to talk about drinking water from the taps and taking a warm shore in the morning, that is what has been forgotten over the two past years. To be honest, I am compelled to say that people had live during ISIS time, the giant horror but not the lack of these fundamental services. There, in the liberated areas, Mosul is still undergone the political disagreements. And the same faces who should have been sued since two years for their deficit to protect the city from ISIS, are at large, and still in the office. The same crisis as before two years, is sweeping the town, and the same sectarian discourse is to emerge, while the same politicians are getting ready to return. Meanwhile, the locals are starving in the west part or let’s say the ISIS part, and the Iraqi liberated parts, there are new sufferings and tragic stories, that  are written always by the blood of innocents, after wars.

Mosul has lost its adjective of being a livable city, when death toll in the liberated areas is still there, every single day, people die, because of ISIS shells on the civilians. The danger is too close. It is due to strike everyone, only the Tigris river that splits the city, can decide, what are the boundaries between two kind of sufferings, one is a city half that has been devastated by the war machine, and another is still controlled by ISIS, its locals are fronting the savage siege, where no thing is in the markets, only the fears from the forthcoming war which is mixed with the deadly famine.

Stories From Inside Mosul


The central market place in Mosul, the west bank

The central market place in Mosul, the west bank

By Ahmed Zaidan

⦁ Eastern Mosul has been totally liberated according to the Iraqi prime minister
⦁ 180,000 has displaced their homes since the military campaign started
⦁ 90 percent of governmental buildings were damaged, eastern Mosul
⦁ The five bridges span at Tigris in the city were bombed by the international coalition
⦁ The eastern part of Mosul where densely populated, is still as the last stronghold of ISIS in Iraq
⦁ Mosul is recovering gradually, towards the river where the last battle has cleansed the district of al Al Rashydia from ISIS fighters
⦁ From the rumors that ISIS spread in western Mosul that ISIS has sent 200 suicide bombers to carry on suicide attack in the liberated eastern part of Mosul
⦁ ISIS also try to convince people of the west part Mosul that the Iraqi forces are persecuting the locals on religious level and the belief, there

What do you know about the west part in Mosul

As battle is hurtling quickly towards the river, the stories are gushing from there. Perhaps, due the safe corridors being opened for the media to operate on wider range, unlike the west part of the city that’s still untouched yet. Many stories haven’t been told yet, many atrocities have been committed under the rug. But, we have managed to reach the town , and we found out, that the people have gotten used to the war.

The everyday rhythm is attended by mortar shells. The story being spreading among the locals about terrifying killings being shown in the public places, has pushed every family to think that they can be the next victim. Another fears overshadowed the locals in there, it’s of the international bombardments that have recorded mistakes and targeted civilians many times, or it could be not enough accurate. Many civilians have been killed in targeting ISIS car or small media stalls deployed in the crammed marketplaces with civilians rather than ISIS elements.

Iraqi forces encircle Mosul from all directions. From the west, popular mobilization troops are blocking the way to Syria. since months, and Mosul is under the embargo, where the goods access is impossible in current situation. Just the imminent famine is to knock the door of every family, western Mosul.
Locals from there have assured that there is no markets and any form of life. The dominator food is the flour, radish and potatoes which is far fetched for the majority because of its high price.
locals talk of the scary density of ISIS families, fled the liberated eastern Mosul, recently. While, rockets bases are being set in the inhabited areas.

While in the Eastern part ,victory by victory has been achieved by the Iraqi special forces in driving out ISIS from the city of 1.5 million population. Since over three months when the Iraqi prime minster has declared 10th of October is the kicking off the combat for Mosul liberation from the grip of so called the Islamic state. Iraqi Prime minister revealed that there had been attempt of delaying the battle, but he exceeded it. He vowed that by the end of 2016 there would be no terror in whole Iraq.

The international community has expressed its concern over and over that the battle in Mosul might trigger an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in modern history. The civil community organizations also warned that ISIS would use the big population in Mosul as human shields. While Iraqi government pretended that it is prepared to accommodate what is likely to happen. In displacement zones where the camps brought by the UN. The number of those who were forced to leave their homes in Mosul 180.000 over the last three months, according to the international organization for migration. While the majority is still detained in the districts where the combat makes the idea of being without ceiling for a moment is an imminent death by the mortar shells being launched by ISIS all the time. Every bomb car sent by ISIS turns the course of the fight from time to time, as it targets Iraqi troops regardless to the inflict damage to the civilians. Wherever the car blows, it means in midst of inhabited areas. People of Mosul have stayed in their houses in obedience to the instructions issued by the security forces pre the battle.

Americans reportedly have engaged directly in the fight, shoulder to shoulder with the Iraqi special forces. The joint operation has finally succeeded to repel the raid waged by ISIS on Al Zuhur neighborhood, eastern Mosul. The troops have restored control on the area. According to some witnesses.
The reports say that that ISIS has blown more than 700 car bomb since the operation to retake Mosul has started.

Man on the knees
Early last month, social media narrated the story of a man from Mosul who has returned from the camps to check out his house. The man couldn’t hold himself to see his house being bombed. He accelerated to enter, despite the locals advice, not to go into house. As he pushed the door and rushed in , the bomb blew off. The man fell down on the knees asking for help. but no one has dared to come into the house for aiding him. After seconds, the house collapsed while he was inside. The story ended, he had promised his family to come back after checking out the house. But he wouldn’t.

Another story of a woman who narrates her story aftermath
Our story has started when the Iraqi forces were so close to our neighborhoods that we could hear their clashes with ISIS and the special forces. ISIS fighter rushed to our house in a bid to displace us. The IS fighter told us that the infidels are close us and we should be leaving the house. We did not. He came again and shot the door. My husband accelerated to tell them that the house is not empty yet. The fighter has accused my husband of being linked to the special forces via phone. My husband denied the charge. I heared that he was threatening to kill my husband but I rushed to them to beg him not to do so. I swear to him that we are family of two daughters who are inside. He took us to another alley where many families were crammed into houses. we were three family in a house sitting in the guests room. It was a matter of minutes before I saw the house had collapsed on us. I lost my sister and her son. the other family were killed. My two daughters were gravely wounded. It was the bomb car blasted just in front of the house.


Mosul was once a thriving city in Iraq. A decade ago at least .. The inflicted damage to the city has been increased in the last two years. No thing comes from a vacuum but because of the vacuum of the international role in protecting it in the era of the past fragile government . As the combat to drive ISIS out of city, more people are being displaced, gravely wounded and killed. The imminent danger is that ISIS could get more frenzied in terms of targeting the civilians that show their sympathy and support to the Iraqi troops on TV or in the social media photos.

The coexistence in Mosul between the diverse communities is what gives the city its flavor. It is the hometown for the biggest Christian community in Iraq.
The clue is how to support the idea of ethnic variety in Mosul. For this purpose we would need new course taken by the religious entities, call for the reform at all levels in terms of Friday sermons which must be unified and subjected to the community regulations. It has to be pure call for coexistence and free of violation of other’s beliefs at any part.

Today, locals in Mosul have comprehended more than any ever that there would be no way to build up a stable community without burying the hatred speech that prepared a fertile ground for ISIS to emerge. The first ISIS element was a book in Al Najafi street. The book that promotes the extremism and abhorrent of other belief. But we should not forget that together, we will burn this book and its counterparts.

Yes, Mosul has lost a lot, more than any ever in all the history phases. The 3000 years old monuments were wiped out. The antiquities and artefacts were looted and being sold in the black market. It was lucrative source of income for the murderers to buy more guns and commit further atrocities against the humanity. They ruined the statues of winged bulls and the precious sculptures date back to the Assyrians the founders of Ninawa’s empire. One day, the Assyrian empire had extended from Persia east to the Turkey and handful of south Europe and north Africa. For almost four centuries, the Assyrian empire which said to be based on slavery of other kings who were building the palaces of the great Assyrian king, Ashurbanipal. The great king who keens to subject other kings to his power by turning them doing so. The great Ninawa’s king also, had built the most important library in the history.

Today, No thing of these monuments was left as reminders to the next generations of how the humanity had started its journey. The drones could have stopped ISIS from doing so, but the international community preferred to allocate millions of dollars to find out whether there is a glimmer of life on Pluto, and people march in the streets to protest that Pluto should called a planet not an asteroid. Meanwhile, the human civilization was in its way to vanishing in a process, said to be lasted for months whether in Iraq or Syria.

Unverified reports from Mosul showed that two families said to be slaughtered in the liberated Al Tamim neighborhood after an offensive carried out by IS fighters. Other families were abandoned their houses to the eastern districts in a bid to avoid such massacres from happening.
But, quickly the special forces have managed to defeat the IS elements who sneaked to the liberated neighborhoods so close to the front lines. Iraqi special forces patrolling the neighborhoods, calling people to feel safe by speakers attached to the military vehicles.

Iraqi forces spokesman also gave an announcement that few of IS elements had leaked to the liberated areas. They got an advantage of absence of the air support due to the bad weather. But the special forces have killed all of them immediately and restored the stability, once again.
The families who displaced today, were accommodated to the houses of strangers in the safe areas, while others went to their relatives. According to a family from there, reported to Mosul In English that as we heard that there were families seeking refuge, we accelerated to open our doors for them.
“Just feel at home” what my mother told the family being hosted in our house. The man also describes the attitude towards displaced families came from the experience that he and his family have passed through previously. ” we were displaced like them three weeks ago, for fear of the fight in our neighborhood, but as things got better, we returned”

According to Stephen Townsend that the led US coaltion managed to kill and wound more than 2000 IS elements, during the led US military operation in Mosul. While there are still an estimated 3000 to 5000 IS fighters defending the city.

Townsend hold a joint press confernce with US defense secretary Ash Carter who pledged that another 2000 troops to be sent to Syria for defeating terror.

US defense secretary arrived Iraq to assess the fight to recapturing Mosul from the grip of what so called the Islamic state. He added that the battle to Mosul among the big population was a challenging for any army in the world, including the US military.


27 is the death toll of Baghdad blasts.
Another 53 have gravely wounded
Two men reported to have been blown themselves in midst of the crowds at market place in Baghdad. The suicide bombers have targeted people at popular restaurant, while they were having their breakfast at eight o’clock this morning. Spokesman said.
The suicide attacks come a day after the anniversary of Saddam’s hanging. Americans have alerted Iraqi government in advance this month, that the suicide attacks could be increasingly returned within the next days.
Baghdad was never safe
Last week, the story of the hijacked journalist Afrah Shawqi has been floated to social media and vastly published in Iraqi media and papers. The mutual charges between the political blocks and militant groups in Baghdad has ignited the turmoil more than before. While ISIS didn’t adopt the operation.
ISIS, is seemingly resorted to the old course of fight in attacking Iraqi cities, frequently to score the most deadly offensives among the civilians. Iraqi forces have succeeded to restore almost all the territories conquered by ISIS since 2013. Iraqi forces are ought to face the biggest challenge of driving ISIS out from Mosul, thereafter. The process might take longer then the expected time. The next spring, the deadline scheduled by the Iraqi prime minister for Mosul to be totally released.

The best is yet to come !
Abu Omar from Mosul describes the situation after liberation as unbelievable peace awash into the district of eastern Mosul neighborhoods. He started to narrate the atrocities engulfed the town during ISIS era. No tolerance, no mercy and fears of future, it was the items of everyday life, that time. People were exposed to punishment for simple things, such as unveil woman face or smoking cigarettes. Abu Omar hold his breath while he remembered the the young guy who has been killed at his place for finding out document in his pocket proven the he had worked in the Iraqi election. Abu Omar said to ISIS element , you have killed the man who has been an orphan all his lif, as his father was killed in the Iranian war, while his mother has devoted her life for her sole son. The ISIS element said that they killed him because he had worked with the infidels. Abu Omar had suffered with his family the days of battle going on in their neighborhood. ISIS tried to push them out of the house, but they took a shelter under the stairs and kept silent for almost three days before they managed to cross to the next door neighbor, where they had spent another two days in midst of fire and fumes, outside. His wife was about to be shot but thanks god that the bullet mistaken the target. For ISIS, everyone was enemy, because everyone has been waiting the moment of driving ISIS out from the city.

We finally got to find our way to the Saddam neighborhood, the liberated district since 15 days before our neighborhood. Iraqi forces had embraced us and helped us to cross the main street, then guided us to the safe refuge.

The documents found in Mosul by the Iraqi forces reveal what is under rug
What has recently published widely on social media has proven finally that what so called the Islamic state was no more than a group of gangs from worldwide has manipulated the religion. They invaded Mosul in June 2014 , ruined the city, and pushed nearly a million out of the town. Abu Omar, from Mosul describes the day when ISIL conquered the city, They were sending a comforting messages to people of Mosul that they have come to aid them and saving them from the brutal army that used to arrest and insulting them.

Christians were asked to feel safe in the custody of the Islamic state. They should pay the Jizya according to the Islamic Sharia. So the heads of Christians were asked to attend the first rally held by the Islamic state in Mosul in bid to compromise their issues. In that very moment, there was a time that the Christians has to choose, whether to go and never return ,or to flee. All in all, the escaping had been the best choice, that time. They fled, their properties were looted by ISIS elements.



The oldest bridge in the town which linking the west bank with the east bank on Tigris. The bridge said to be the oldest in Mosul, followed by the other four main bridges which have been recently bombed.

The iron bridge is what locals call (The old man and the Tigris) in reference to the American novel (the old man and the sea). The bridge has witnessed all the modern history phases in Mosul, started from 1933 where it was built, during the era of the British invasion to Iraq, up to now. The old bridge remembers, all the massacres and the prosperity that Mosul has experienced, throughout the last decades.

Al Shawaf uprising against the the dictatorship of Abd Al Karim Qasim 1959.
It was military coup led by the Gen Abd Al wahhab Al Shawaf. But unfortunately, Mosul uprising didn’t achieve its goals. It was brutally cracked down by the Communist regime. Many solders in Mosul were executed without even a trial, while the heads of the uprising were sentenced to death publicly. The warplanes have triggered debris that could be observed nowadays, obviously in Al Quzlani police station, south west Mosul, the stronghold of the rebelling Mosuli Gen. Every military clothing person was considered as target for the communists troops.

The old bridge also remembers, the flourishing Iraq of the seventies, where education , health care, social services and other fundamentals had ranked the highest level in Iraq history. It probably was the calmness that precedes the storm! Soon, the long term years war was to begin with neighboring Iran, 1980 to 1988.

Two conflicting regimes arrived to the power in Iraq, represented by Baath party and in Iran represented by the Islamic revolution. Here, Saddam claimed that he tended to stop the Islamic revolution extension to southern Iraq. But Iranian leaders had another view. The war had lasted 8 years. Million of both sides have been reportedly killed during that war.

The bridge reminds very good, the celebrations and rejoice that filled the city of Mosul post the 8 years. As kind of victory through Saddam’s lens, But for Iraqis it was the ending of the bloodshed.

The peace didn’t live long, as the Gulf war blasted into long term international embargo in Iraq ,known for Iraqis as the siege that had lasted from 1991 until 2003, where American led invasion managed of toppling Saddam.
Mosul has witnessed a kind of prosperity for less than one year, where the markets were filled by the foreign goods.
But, later, as result of the open borders, the Islamic extremists found their way to Iraq and to Mosul, particularly, got an advantage of the absence of a strong power that maintains the nation safe.

As well as, it has been a religious inciting against the invaders. The Islamic organizations have found in northern west Iraq a fertile ground in which they grew their seeds of hatred that would bloom later as thorns called ISIS.

The discrimination course used by the Iraqi government between 2005 and 2014 in Mosul has played a big role in expanding the general anger against the Shia led government that arrests thousands of innocents on charges of being linked to terrorism. Meanwhile the real terrorists are released on bribe taken by Iraqi army officers.

In 2004, the terrorism form of Al Qaeda managed to control more than 6 the police stations in the city of Mosul in a major turmoil known later, The year of falling of police stations. American troops before their withdrawal in 2011, have prevented the first terrorist invasion that could’ve killed the city, since then. But always terrorism finds a way to interfere among innocents, achieving its dirty goals through the car bombs and assassination plots that harvested the best journalists such as Wathiq Al Qathanfari and other brilliant batch of truth seekers. The highest number of killing journalists in Iraq was in Mosul, where Mosul alone, had buried about 50 journalists until 2014.

Many lawyers and professors, security personnel have been outrageously assassinated nearby their doorsteps and their work places. Others, on the sight of their family, terrorism had got into their homes, such as the journalist Qazwan Anass. his wife was injured, while his infant was shocked.

The weak role of the security forces, the corruptions and the persecution of the simple locals, they all contributed in enlarging the gap between the central government and the Mosuli people, resulted in handing over the city with the two its million humans on their diversity, to the forthcoming power, which is called ISIS that seemed its role is to devastate the city and killing its locals while nearly a million of Mosul inhabitants were displaced.


In the beginning, it was a peaceful demonstration calling for the reform. But later, the demonstration leaders fled in seeking for a safe refuge, and the cities were handed to the new invaders!

In 2011, the Sunni Iraqi cities staged demonstrations against corruption and discrimination. The unprecedented protests engulfed the major Iraqi cities inhabited by Sunnis. The demonstrations lasted nearly three years. The government led by the prime minster Nuri Al Maliki of religious party background had described the protest as nasty bubble like, and they should stop it,otherwise they would be stopped by force. He said

The government found a way of inserting the poison into the legal demonstrations. So, the prisoners that had escaped from Abu Qraib jail, found their route into the unarmed crowds at the protest squares. It was a sort of the legal excuse for pressing on the nation to see that government should be using power to cracking down the demonstration.

In Kirkuk province, SWAT forces opened fire on peaceful protesters, while in Ramadi province, the leaders were arrested then atrocities followed .

No way for any step backward. The peaceful demonstrations now, are no longer peaceful, and the escaping criminals have stolen the microphone from those who called, one day, for the reform and justice to be done in the country. Those were kicked out of the squares.

In that very moment, Mosul was passing through the biggest wave of the violence and the terrorist offensive has turned the city off. It was the beginning of the event that would change later, the course of history in Mosul. Although that the likely scenario of falling which was more realistic that ever before, but Baghdad government didn’t respond seriously to the potential danger that Mosul might expose, according to the former governor in Mosul.

The former Governor of Mosul, Atheel Al Nujaifi whom relation with the central government in Baghdad and the military leaders in Mosul was complicated. Al Nujaifi published documents proven that he had warned the central government from the potential danger of a likely raid of what so called the Islamic state but his early alarm never heard in Baghdad.

Al Nujaifi also revealed that the day before Mosul was fallen, he conducted urgent meeting with the military commanders linked to the Iraqi prime minster. The governor highly recommended the military commanders to get fully prepared to face the radical power that was marching western Mosul to kidnap the town. He said that the military commanders weren’t serious enough about what it could be happen. They had claimed that they were ready to any kind of threat.

Meanwhile, ISIS elements were heading towards Mosul. They were about 300 fighters only. They did not plan to colonize Mosul. The city which controlled by three Iraqi military divisions, which made the idea of facing them as deadly attempt or a slow suicide attack. But, what happened that the Iraqi first front line western Mosul collapsed so quickly. The members of local police, bravely fought but they didn’t have enough ammunition and heavy guns.

A bomb truck sent by ISIS was enough to change everything, witnesses said. Mosul local police commander had been wounded, while the other members just fled. Surprisingly that the local police has resisted in the battle, despite of their being the weakest party among the Iraqi forces being sent from Baghdad. But, the collapse of the others what supposed to be the well equipped forces. It is what shocked many Iraqis. Witnesses said that after bomb truck, the course of the battle has been totally changed in favor of ISIS, in that very moment, the military leaders have disappeared, and the three military divisions have been evaporated. It was the night of 9 June 2014.

Witnesses said that ISIS cars were roaming the town’s streets back and forth, calling on local people to calm down. People didn’t have clear vision of who were really they.. Were they those who called for reform or Bath party supporters in a religious version or they were really the Islamic state that was founded in Syria, a year ago!

People scared from the idea that Mosul could be soon a battlefield between the conflicting regional powers. Next morning, it was the time that almost every family in Mosul to be displaced to the regions hadn’t been yet conquered by ISIS, in Niniwa plain, where it is the historical home of ethnic diversity. But soon, they returned to Mosul, when it was the silence the sole master of the situation, that time.