The crucial battle has just started

Iraqi prime minister declared on today the start of the military operation to recapture the west bank of central Mosul from the grip of ISIS. After four hours of combat, news come from there that ISIS is surprisingly collapsing while the troops are carrying on advances from the western south towards the center.
last month, Iraqi prime minister assured the east part of Mosul has been totally cleansed from ISIS elements, and there will be another rejoice with driving ISIS out from whole Mosul.
Why this battle is crucial
The west part of Mosul is the historical city, and the vital areas. It is the city center and the place where ISIS Kalifaat chose to appear from the first time, and declare the so called Islamic state from there. It is also the last stronghold of ISIS in Iraq, and the capital of ISIS. It is a home for more than 750,000 inhabitants most of them are from the working class. Locals from there, have assured that ISIS squeezes on people and tighten the rules, day by day more victims are being thrown on the streets. Only the battle could prevent the frenzied ISIS elements from confiscating the stored food from the locals and punish them for silly things.
The famine there
With the siege being imposed by the Iraqi forces on Mosul since months and targeting the vehicles on the outer highways, the transporting of goods from Syria became so difficult. People in the western part of Mosul are passing through serious crisis of lacking of food and fuel, that reports refer that many locals started to search for food in rubbish. While others have stored the grains, beforehand.
Also, there are many death cases have been recorded because of the hunger and the bad nourishing. in this very moment, people in there have sent many messages to international community as a bid to accelerate rescuing them before the death hits them once.

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