Fight on the quick rhythm, easier than it was expected


Iraqi forces, nearby the airport of Mosul.

Iraqi forces, nearby the airport of Mosul.


On sight of Mosul airport, it’s only 3 km away, Iraqi forces stand from the city center. Here in Western Mosul that looks forward to a new morning and to the era of no terror.

One day passed, and people in Mosul that plagued with hunger and fear, have woken up on rejoicing news. Electricity was cut, but relatives and friends accelerated to throw the missionary of battle kicking off.

It was completely incredible happiness, despite the famine and everyday killings. The eyes of locals were staring each other with sparkling gazes. No word is allowed to say, outside but smiles are enough.

ISIS fighters are continuing the escalation against innocents, arrest them on charges being linked to collaborating with liberator troops. Dozens were reportedly killed, within a week.

ISIS has informed locals through Friday sermons that people in eastern part must leave the town, otherwise they will be a legitimated target for the Islamic state attacks. And in case you welcome the infields, you will also be a target, ISIS said

Meanwhile, a family in the old town was found dead because of ISIS mortar shells on the residential areas, as a bid to provoke people and putting them before the choice of no war. Also the coalition airstrikes have managed to kill many ISIS leaders and families. But still there have not easy to avoid casualties in a very dense city.


The End

ISIS has finally believed that this time it is the ultimate round. From inside Mosul, people talk about ISIS fighters who fare-welled their families with tears while they were heading to the battle. ISIS fighter in central Mosul it is said that he knocked the neighbor’s door for informing them that “my family is a deposit whatever happens to me” ISIS wives lamented that their husbands wouldn’t be able to return from this battle. ISIS families who fled eastern Mosul, took the crammed residential neighborhoods in western Mosul as last stronghold, before the crucial combat.
Another reports from southern neighborhoods in western Mosul say, a dispute among ISIS fighters said to be taken place for setting up a rocket launcher in a very crowded street.

Meanwhile, ISIS continues digging the walls, from house to house, in a despairing attempt that may facilitate the mobility of ISIS fighters, in midst the battle. Iraqi forces have managed to retake Mosul airport on southern part and Quzlani barracks. The flow of the battle is very quick so that two neighborhoods have been totally liberated within only two days.

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